A movie, what does that cost?

What does a movie cost? That question is as easy to answer as the question: what does a car cost? We prefer to look different: what does it deliver? A very simple movie (and so it had to look too) helped to get a lot of money at a crowdfundingcampagne. We make films in the budgets between the 500 euro and the 500,000 euro. The price usually depends mainly on the number of Manu and the use of specialist equipment. But we think that a film is mainly worth the cost.

  • An instructional film saves you expensive time to instructors.
  • A promo movie that delivers new customers is worth gold.
  • Sometimes film also delivers new insights, slow motion and aerial images often deliver surprising perspectives.

But to answer your question we need to know something more, call or email us and you will quickly know what the possibilities are. Nine out of ten times the price falls. Our all-in base rate is 295 euros per session or 550 per day (including basic equipment, camera, drone, sound recording etc.). In some cases, filming works faster with extra people. That ultimately saves costs. Do you want notoriety, a scholarship film, a movie for on a tablet, TV, smartphone or cinema projection? or an instruction film, advertising/sales promotion, acquaintance? The target determines the content. The target audience and the goal of the film are paramount. It fills the marketing mix. You want to show your company, municipality or organization to the general public. A film is a powerful medium, together with a book, a leaflet or a website you are completely complete. Subtitled or Multilingual. Promotional movies Youtube, Facebook, scholarships, the modern consumer is image focused. A film is the perfect medium for your product presentation or the presentation of your company. In high quality with great surround sound. For scholarships, in your waiting area, on the Internet, for your foreign customers, promo movies on large image, cinema format or on a smartphone. Film by financing or crowdfunding we have extensive experience with corporate finance, crowdfundingscampagnes and the Bijhehorende promotion. A film or presentation is very strong. One of our crowdfundingcampagnes took 45,000 euro within two weeks. Instruction films an image says more than a thousand words. We make multilingual instructional films, operating a machine, safety, dealing with customers and instructions for new staff. Leaders, teasers, aerial shots We are able to elaborate ideas very quickly. This is because we have everything in-house, from sound recordings, aerial recordings, associate 4k recording, assembly, speaking space, and a proprietary format studio. You can also simply hire us for camera work, installation in 4k and or sound recordings. We write complete texts and speak for you. How does it work? You call (072-5315709) or mail us, you get immediate reply. Or else we come (about an hour) listening and talking. Then you will receive a project proposal, which can be very simple or very extensive. Then we listen again to you so we know exactly what your intention is. For larger projects we offer a quotation on project basis. It may be that we (temporarily) need extra people. We have a network of professionals for camera, sound, grip, editing, production, visagie and direction. Everything depends on your wishes, it must be composed of your own music, the film must be multilingual, voiced or subtitled? Do you want to use other archival images, are there animations, actors needed? Do you want to know it directly? Call: 072-5315709 and ask for Peter Bosman.