Our work

We worked for watering Dutch North quarters, EO, Rabobank, Berger Kaas, NCRV, state of the government, newspaper, sailing, mirror of sailing, ANWB, adoption company harming Berg, KWT Group. This is a small selection from our films on the cutting edge of man, nature and technique.    [Embed] https://vimeo.com/231076783 [/embed] https://vimeo.com/191817858 slot race Techno Challenge. Children learn to deal with technique. Slot Race 1.2 from Peter Bosman on Vimeo. Water storage Noord-Holland. The construction of a water storage in the municipality of Bergen commissioned by water Dutch North quarter and contractors company harming Mountain. We follow the construction in 4k, from the air and from the land. A topical subject, it rains more often and harder. We made a version for the watering, the contractor and a subcontractor. Short version watering water Storage 2 piece for info film Watergate. Sluis IJmuiden, just before the construction of the new Watergate from Peter Bosman on Vimeo. Coot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5MDQp8dfLs&t=1s the Little wilderness or Biotopia, we follow all the animals. A natural film that shows life in and around a rain pond. This pond with a field has a surface size of a football field. In that small part of the Netherlands you will find easily 65 different animal species, from large to very small the small wilderness super yacht Norway during the shooting of ' the opposite ' we filmed for the owner of this yacht a short impression of the sailing in a Norwegian Fjord. Norway forever turn Spring IJssel Lake, documentary about sailing competition classic ships. Broadcast by EO.

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[Wowslider id = "5"] Water storage technique, from a series of 3 films for different clients. Subcontractor, supplier.  KWT 2016 The polder under water documentary about the underwater setting of the Wieringermeer polder. 16mm film with archival material and belonging book.

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Dijgkat Mower OnderwateerpolderDeng Super conducting, short film about the developments of superconductivity at relatively high temperatures. Super conductivitySupergeleding2 Dutch lighthouses, all about the Dutch coast Vuurtorens. For the Ministry of the Netherlands, we made a calendar with all the Dutch coast Vuurtorens. 320x240_vuurtorenkalender_medium Hoisting cranes. A real technical book about hoisting cranes. We are currently developing a series on this ' vertical transport '. [Wowslider id = "6"]   The ladies of Mons Blonde, Crowdfundingfilmpje, belongs to successful crowdfundingcampagne for Berger cheese. In record time 45,000 euros, thanks to this simple movie. Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sj79eD-3Zog across the street are the most beautiful ferry connections and public boat trips. International television series. (In production). PontVeer3Star Hong Kong 2Alaska Marine Highway The bank atmosphere after port days den bank after the port days from Peter Bosman on Vimeo. Rabo Eemnes, short film about opening Rabobank and image of cooperative structure. Ship disasters, book over well-known large ship disasters. Test Music at Nature images. Furry beasts in the Dunes version 3 from Peter Bosman on Vimeo. A short teaser for a nice metal company https://vimeo.com/227805458

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